Competency Based Management

Across Canada, the policing sector has endorsed the adoption and implementation of a competency-based approach to enhancing strategic HR planning and management.

The framework for competency-based management (CBM) evolved from a five year project – researching and leveraging best practices in Canada and internationally. It details competency-based processes, profiles, tools, and templates validated by over 900 subject matter experts on the job, and doing the work, in all roles and at all levels of proficiency.

The framework consists of work of policing defined by three core workstreams, and the competencies required to be successful at that work in a competency dictionary. It includes extensive reference and research materials, guides and tools to simplify the work of HR professionals and managers at all levels.

Competency-Based Management


Workstreams are defined in terms of roles, and detail the work/task lists and the competency profile required for each role. There are three workstreams – detailing 33 roles

general duty roles (8) – constable to chief
investigative roles (21) – general, specialists, and investigative support
leadership/management roles (4) – supervisor to executive command

Competency Dictionary

A competency dictionary details the 42 competencies developed to support a competency approach to HR management. A competency dictionary is:

• a catalogue of all competencies that apply to the targeted ranks/roles
• validated through policing experts, research and best practices
• a common framework and language used for all jobs

These competencies are identified in 4 categories – behavioural and technical and leadership/management – which define performance standards for police personnel:

behavioural competencies – knowledge, skills and abilities required for successful performance of general policing duties in all police ranks
• technical competencies – knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform technical aspects of work, and developed to support police investigation
leadership/management competencies – outline knowledge, skills, and abilities required for successful performance in leadership roles
civilian competences

These rigorously developed and nationally validated materials/resources are available to police services, academies, training institutions, and governance organizations.

For more detailed information go to Competency Based Management Guide

PLEASE NOTE: The detailed CBM (Competency-based Management) materials are the Intellectual Property of Canadian Policing and are ONLY available to police services and organizations supporting them. To access these materials contact the Canadian Police Knowledge Network by email at