The Council has facilitated the identification of 9 competencies – most critical for all police officers involved in the investigation of criminal offences.  These largely apply to 21 criminal investigation, forensic and intelligence roles, as well as to general duty officers acting as first responders on crime scenes.

List of Technical Competencies

Information Management
Legislation, Policies, Procedures and Standards
Confidential Informant Handling
Court Testimony
Crime Scene Management
Interviewing: Victims and Witnesses
Interviewing and Interrogation of Suspects
Obtaining Judicial Authorizations
Note Taking and Report Writing

These competencies are used in developing Competency Profiles – the profiles define the policing roles using some combination – usually 8 or 9 – of critical competencies drawn from the 3 competency categories.

Role task lists capture the work and competency profiles capture the “how” the competencies are applied to ensure the work is done well. Competency profiles function as occupation standards.

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PLEASE NOTE: The detailed CBM (Competency-based Management) materials are the Intellectual Property of Canadian Policing and are ONLY available to police services and organizations supporting them. To access these materials contact the Canadian Police Knowledge Network by email at