What is the Police Sector Council?

The PSC is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to identification and implementation of practicable and effective solutions to the high strategic and priority workforce management issues at a national level; such as: recruiting, retention, improved training, and leadership development, police professionalization, the economic implications of the Canadian model along with other key initiatives to improve police productivity, performance, and long-term sustainability.

Who is involved?

The PSC’s Board of Directors represents all key stakeholders in Canadian policing from governments to unions to police services and boards. Board members bring knowledge and experience at the senior executive level.

Why was the Council formed?

The PSC was created following extensive consultations with more than 700 different representatives from a cross-section of police agencies and stakeholders. The results were documented in a comprehensive policing Sector Study – funded by the Government of Canada, conducted from 1998 to 2000, and published in 2001.
The formation of the PSC is an opportunity for an arms-length organization to facilitate sector stakeholder finding solutions to policing issues, sharing of best practices, conducting leading-edge research, and building an inventory of practical tools and resources.

What has the Council done for the Canadian policing community?

With strong support from its Board of Directors, the Council became operational in January 2004 and has moved quickly on several initiatives:

• understood police agencies HR issues, plans and priorities
• initiated research on youth attitudes towards policing to bolster recruitment policies, and on a long list of key HR challenges in HR planning and management
• facilitated networks of practitioners – HR leaders, researchers, trainers/educators, policy,
• created a Web site as a common repository of sector materials, research and tools
• initiated a national Competency-Based HR Management Framework

What is the Council’s vision?

The vision is to think strategically and as a sector, ensuring increased professionalism in policing through collective definition of work and roles, and clarification of skills and competencies required to be successful in those roles, enabling the knowledge and skills are in-place to meet demands of policing today and into the future; and developing the next generation of police leaders. The goal is long-term sustainability of efficient, effective and responsive policing – “connecting forces – securing futures” as the tag line says, a more integrated and horizontal approach to human resource planning/management. The council builds awareness of issues and challenges, catalyzes change, and expedites opportunities for national solutions in the planning and management of human resources.

How is the Council Funded?

The PSC is primarily funded through federal government contributions to approved proposals for specific projects/initiatives. Funding is provided for infrastructure, research projects and other initiatives.

How can I find out more?

Contact the Council’s Executive Director, Geoff Gruson, by phone at (613) 729-2789, fax to (613) 729-9691, or email to ggruson@policecouncil.ca

How can I get involved?

Share opinions, be heard, learn from others – the council is “your” Council and an opportunity to engage with fellow leaders, managers and practitioners – by working together the “whole can be much more than the sum of its parts.”