The Police Sector Council creates its own communications and public relations material to keep everybody in the policing community informed about its work. These publications are available online.

The PSC has created reference material to explain the mandate and activities of the Council.

Frequently Asked Questions

PSC Blotter

The Police Sector Council publishes “The Council Blotter” three to four times a year – a bilingual newsletter with an HR planning and management focus for the Canadian police community.

Blotter 1 – Vol 1, Issue 1, Fall 2005
Blotter 2 – Vol 1, Issue 2, Spring 2006


The Council issues an E-Watch to keep the sector informed of important research reports, activities and news. This email message is sent to users periodically and links them directly to the website.

E-Watch Volume 1, E-watch 2 Jan 2006
E-Watch Volume 1, E-watch 2 Mar 2006
E-Watch Volume 1, E-watch 3 Sept 2006
E-Watch Volume 2, E-watch 1 Mar 2007
E-Watch Volume 2, E-watch 2 July 2007
E-Watch Volume 2, E-watch 3 Nov 2007
E-Watch Volume 3, E-watch 1 April 2008
E-Watch Volume 3, E-watch 2 Aug 2008
E-Watch Volume 4, E-watch 1 July 2009
E-Watch Volume 4, E-watch 2 Dec 2009
E-Watch Volume 5, E-watch 1 Aug 2010

PSC Press

Periodically the Council receives press coverage. This section presents articles referencing the work of PSC.

PSC News Release 2005
Ottawa Citizen 2006
Calgary Herald 2007
Maclean’s 2007
CACP Bulletin Fall 2009
Canadian Police Chief Magazine (CACP) 2010

PSC Research and Reports

The Council conducts research projects and prepares reports that are designed to support the policing community.

State of E-Learning in Canadian Policing 2010
PSC Environmental Scan 2009
National Diagnostic on HR in Policing 2007
Research Update – Youth Attitudes Toward Policing 2007
Policing Environment 2005
Strategic Human Resources Analysis of Public Policing in Canada 2000
PSC Annual Report 05-06
PSC Annual Report 06-07
PSC Board Restructuring Proposal 2007