Our Committees

The Council’s value to the policing sector is largely based on its ability to facilitate committees and working groups, of participants from police services and stakeholder organizations, to address shared common issues and develop common solutions.

Through committee meetings, telecons, and conferences, participants from these agencies and organizations are encouraged and enabled to work together on both a local and national level to;

• understand the common policing environment and the changing dynamics
• examine issues and problems affecting the police sector,
• develop strategies and solutions
• implement and manage change

With research and secretariat support from the Council staff, committees tap into the knowledge and expertise of the entire sector, reach out to experts in other countries and fields, and develop answers to shared challenges.

Researching and sharing information, promoting best practices, and identifying, monitoring specific initiatives and projects are the ‘hallmarks” of the PSC.

Project Committees

Every project or initiative the Council undertakes requires the engagement of steering or working committees from stakeholder organizations. Project committees are an invaluable part of the Council’s work – providing oversight and feedback, and ensuring the objectives and results of the project are of value to the sector.
Members of project Steering/Working Committees volunteer their subject matter expertise of relevance to the issue being addressed. Current and past project committees:

• Competency Based Management (CBM) Framework Steering Committee
• Leadership Framework Steering Committee
• Recruit Training Comparative Analysis Committee
• E-Learning Advisory Committee
• HR Diagnostic Committee
• Sector Scanning Committee


There are five main networks or “communities of practice” representing the key dimensions of HR planning and management. Periodically, representatives from these communities are brought together – enabling professionals from the various disciplines and from the various organizations across the country to examine topical issues, share solutions and best practices, develop integrated strategies, make recommendations on future initiatives.
Networks are an integral in promoting an integrated, informed, and connected policing sector.

Education and Training Network

Work within the area of police training and education. The network includes members of the Canadian Association of Police Educators (CAPE), and those working in police academies, police colleges, and training units of police services from across Canada.

Strategic Planning Network

Includes those working to understand and advance policy and planning within the policing sector. The membership of this network is broad based and includes policy analysts, strategic planners, researchers, journalists, academics, police leaders, justice and government leaders.

Research Network 

Created to bring together all individuals currently working on research activities and projects related to policing. The network is international and includes journalists, economists, policy analysts, psychologists, criminologists, academics, policing employees, and students.

HR Practitioners Network

The HR Practitioners Network includes all those actively promoting policing careers, reviewing applications, interviewing and selecting police employees and everyone interested and working in Human Resources within the policing sector.