Our Value

The Police Sector Council (PSC) brings together the key stakeholders to facilitate innovative strategies and solutions to strategic human resource challenges in policing.

Taking the Initiative

Short and long term focus on solutions to human resource issues – such as recruiting, training, leadership development and professionalism – are critical to the sustainability of the policing sector. The implications of changing demographics, crime trends, and increasing economic pressures and other dimensions of the policing environment challenge police agencies large and small.

Taking the Pulse

The PSC was created in response to a report in 2001 which identified several common strategic priorities in policing, including better succession planning, staffing models, executive development, and training for specialized skills. The PSC has continued to “take the pulse” of the sector and to identify key areas for research, policy, and practical changes to administration and management in policing.

Taking Action

The Council facilitates key organizations and individuals in the police community to come together to share common concerns and identify common responses through collaboration, by:

• scanning the environment and identifying the issues – the Council uses Statistics Canada recent research products as well analysing trends effecting HR management in policing
• identifying “best” practices/processes from both within and outside the Canadian police sector
• building an inventory of practical products, tools, resources, and research