Policing is a job with many rewards. Police officers enjoy exciting work, excellent salaries and
benefits – lots of opportunities for personal growth, professional training, and career advancement.

They provide a vital community service, protect the people and property, and make a major contribution to the quality of life of others. The primary reward every day is personal satisfaction.


Police officers are rewarded with great salaries. The following table presents the typical salary range for the first 5 years. Overtime is also paid as required.

• on hiring : $36,900 – 44,000
• after 4 years service: $66,000 – 68,200


Police officers enjoy excellent benefits for themselves and their families. Typical benefits include:

• medical and dental plans
• family health plans
• life insurance
• uniform allowance
• pension plans

Personal and Professional Growth

Police services support the professional development of their officers and offer many incentives and learning opportunities designed to encourage personal growth and professional development.

There are many options to work in specialized units, travel, and given training opportunities to increase their knowledge and skills. Officers enjoy long, varied, and satisfying careers.

Opportunities for Advancement

Choosing to be a police officer means choosing a career, not just a job. Policing offers many opportunities for advancement. A well organized system of promotion is supported by leadership and management training which gives officers the knowledge and skills necessary to get ahead.


Feel good about yourself and the role you play as a police officer. This job gives you so many opportunities and experiences and lets you see the results of your work everyday. Satisfaction comes in the form of giving back – serving the community and making a difference in the lives of many.