PSC Research

Over the past 8 years the PSC has strived to build evidenced-based HR practices and processes to ensure a “best-practice” approach and defensibility of findings and recommendations.

The work of the Council has been driven by a strategic framework and strategic priorities, assessed and approved by the Board of Directors and membership each year; as well as by our capacity to find funding for the planned projects and initiatives.

Our strategic framework, although modified and tweaked slightly over the years, has focussed on 4 primary dimensions of HR planning and management;

1. recruitment and selection
2. education and training
3. leadership and succession management
4. performance management – individuals and organizations

All the research projects undertaken have been driven by the premise that a national and strategic approach to HR planning and management was both more efficient and effective than “re-inventing the wheel in 13 federal/provincial or territorial jurisdictions in Canada, and in 201 (2012) police services.

The implementation of HR planning and management practices should have a solid and common foundation that optimizes resources and ensures defensible policies and decision making. “Build it well once and use it often,” and try and ensure the impact of strategic HR management is always “skills up and costs down.”

This section of website divides the PSC documents and materials into two sections;