The Council has facilitated over 20 projects in the last 8 years – expending over $11M of federal government funding.

Every project has been “for policing and by policing” utilizing steering and working committees from all parts and all levels of the sector, and contracting specific knowledge and expertise from outside the sector as needed.

The following sections identify the project and project focus and provide links to data and findings.



LEADERSHIP FRAMEWORK PROJECT – Police Sector Council, 2010

The Police Sector Council has once again collaborated with Canadian policing executives to research and develop tools to address the leadership needs of the sector. This work has been guided by a dedicated Steering Committee of key stakeholders, all working to ensure the initiative culminates in meaningful results. The project is designed to expand the existing Policing CBM Framework, Guide and Toolkit to address senior leadership ranks in terms of competency profiles, leadership development requirements and succession management plans.

This work is now completed and policing now has a full range of rigorously developed and nationally validated materials, available for FREE to Chiefs and HR managers to support the development and management of its leaders.

COMPETENCY FRAMEWORK PROJECT – Police Sector Council, 2008-2010

The Police Sector Council recently collaborated with Canadian policing Human Resource leaders to develop a competency framework and tools to support Human Resource Management for the policing industry as a whole. This work was supported by HRSG, a professional HR consulting firm who worked with industry leaders to leverage existing practices and develop a nationally relevant system and tools to support police managers responsible for human resources management.

This effort resulted in the development of competency based management (CBM) HR infrastructure information and tools to support police services in Canada. Policing now has rigorously developed and nationally validated materials, available for FREE to Chiefs and HR managers to support local operations. The following are available on this website:

CBM Framework
CBM Guide
CBM Tools 

E-LEARNING PROJECTS – Police Sector Council, CPKN

Since 2007, the Police Sector Council (PSC) and the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) have collaborated to produce e-learning courses that meet the training needs of the national police community. Funded through the Government of Canada’s Sector Council Program, courses are selected for relevance to a frontline police audience and are delivered in both official languages.The national e-learning initiative is an important component of PSC’s mandate to implement innovative, practical solutions to human resource planning and management challenges.

CPIC Query/Narrative Online
Firearms Identification for Public Agents
Recognition of Emotionally Disturbed Persons
Aboriginal and First Nations Awareness
Police Ethics and Accountability
CFRO:  A Tool for Officer Safety
Forensic DNA Evidence
RADAR Refresher Training: Stationary
RADAR Refresher Training: Stationary / Moving
Preventing Officer-involved Collisions
Critical Incident Stress Management
Police Information Portal
Occupational Health and Safety for Police Supervisors
Introduction to Human Trafficing
Seized Firearms Safety
Federal Parolees and the Community Corrections Team
Frontline Supervisor: Leadership
Frontline Supervisor: Organizational Skills
Frontline Supervisor: Performance Management
Frontline Supervisor: Self-Managing Skills
Frontline Supervisor: Domestic Violence
Competency-based Management for Policing
Competency-based Performance Management for Supervisors
Digital Evidence: Front Line Investigation


The Police Sector Council has been working with Ipsos-Reid in the past few years to better understand the youth (18-30 year old) cohort – their attitudes, behaviours and perspectives on policing. The Research Reports present the latest information collected as part of this longitudinal research. The Focus Reports outline analyses conducted in distinct areas.

Focus Report – Citizen Labs
Youth Attitudes Findings Rollup: 2005 – 2011

Youth Research Report 2010
Focus Report – College Students Attitudes Towards Policing
Focus Report – Career In Policing

Youth Research Report 2009
Focus Report – Attitudes Toward Policing
Focus Report – Career in Policing
Focus Report – Focus on Careers