There are many Police services across Canada that are looking to hire. If you are ready to become one of Canada’s Police officers, decide which organization is right for you and then get your application package by linking to their website.

This section of the Hiring Centre presents information about a policing career in Canada.

An Exciting Job

Policing is an exciting job where every day is different. The situations you face and the people you meet and interact with change on a daily basis. Policing takes you away from the ordinary work world of a 9-5 job. As a police officer, you go where you are needed. This job puts you into the middle of the action where you take charge. The days are fast paced and the situations are constantly changing.

In every situation you are responsible for figuring out a solution and making sure all goes according to your plan. Because of the support of those around you and your extensive training, you are able to deal with every scenario. The job is fast paced, challenging, requires courage, strength, leadership skills, and good problem solving skills. Be a Police officer and enjoy an exciting job where everyday is a new opportunity to make life for everyone safer and better.

A World of Opportunities

Deciding to become a police officer means that you have chosen a career not just a job – a career that has lots of potential and variety. There are plenty of opportunities for training, specialization, movement, and advancement.

Policing is an exciting career that gives you a wide scope of skills and knowledge and gives you the opportunity to follow your interests. Your career adventure can include working in:

• Narcotics Enforcement
• Vice
• Gang Crime
• Community, School Resources
• Counterfeiting Investigation
• Mountain Bike Unit or Bicycle Patrol
• Helicopter, Air Services Unit
• Traffic Law Enforcement
• Canine Units
• Crime Scene Analysis
• Commercial Crime
• Homicide
• Airport Services
• Criminal Investigation
• Mounted Units
• Marine Services

Be Part of the Team

Being a Police officer means being part of a Team. There is a great tradition of support, friendship, and pride amongst officers. They are a tight knit group that is bonded through service, values, and challenge.

Police officers work in collaboration – helping each other celebrating all the successes that come with the job of “to Serve and Protect”. If you want to be part of something important and unique, and want work that is meaningful and interesting, then join the community of police officers, become “Part of the Team.”
Canada: A Great Place to Serve

There is no better place to become a police officer than Canada. It is internationally known as a model for effective training, procedures, and operations, and has a longstanding tradition of excellence.

Policing is a valued and admired profession. Canadians have deeply routed community values and have a culture that is respectful of law and authority. Police officers provide a service of utmost importance. They are respected because they “Serve and Protect” the individuals, families, neighbourhoods, communities, and land of our great nation. Be a Canadian police officer and build on the tradition.

Policing in Canada

Policing in Canada is a dynamic and diverse sector – over 230 different police services and many policing organizations work to keep Canada safe. As a Canadian police officer you have many choices – where to live and work and what to be proud of. Different police services – each with their own jurisdictions – serve and protect Canadians at home and abroad.

This country is vast and different areas require different services. Canada’s Police Services include a national/federal police force (RCMP), provincial police forces (OPP, SQ, RNC) and over 200 municipal police services that provide policing services for Canadian cities.

Decide where you want to be, where you want to travel, and what work piques your interest – marine units, air units, etc. When you are ready to apply, get your application package by linking to the website of the police service of your choice.


What Police officers think about their job:

“It’s a rewarding career. I help people – every day. I learned everything I needed to know at the
Academy. I am capable and I feel good about what I do.”

“It’s an exciting career. Every day is different. It’s challenging and interesting and I’m not tied to
a desk. I work hard every day to fix problems. I am proud to be a part of the Team.”

“I was a university grad, looking for a job – then I found a career. I have had lots of specialized
training and learned so much through Policing. My job has taken me across Canada. I have
seen and helped the people of this country.”

“I have had a varied career – lots of different jobs that have been so interesting. I have teamed
up with many great people. Now I’m a senior officer. I have had a long, interesting and
satisfying career.”

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