CBM Toolkit

The Sector Council’s competency-based management (CMB) framework provides a common HR management approach to understanding the work of policing and the underlying competency requirements or competency standards to do that work well.

Toolkit materials leverage best practices from police services across Canada and internationally, and have been developed to support the implementation of a competency-based HR management. For managers, HR specialists, or to support police services modifying existing competency-based systems.

The toolkit contains:

• guides – ten instructive Guides
• tools – over 40 HR management instruments
• templates – customizable for each manager’s needs
• technology – technology support to increase accessibility and usability of the competency framework materials, and to simplify its implementation

Instructive Guides – ten guides have been prepared to provide information, theory, practical tips, and reference materials – a selected bibliography of reading materials, books and articles, etc relevant to competency-based management, human resources and project management

Tools – are materials that can be used and customized according to specific needs.
Among the many tools are: coaching and mentoring guidelines, succession management roles and responsibilities, leadership development activities, interview questions, and reference check-sheets, etc

Templates – are created to support the administration of HR management – such as learning plans, performance management and succession management

Technology – are specially developed software to support HR management in police services – there are two pieces of software available

 i-SkillSuite – is a system developed for policing to incorporate all the CBM materials, and function with a police service’s existing HR management information system to provide mouse click accessible competency dictionaries, profiles, guides and tools

curriculum mapping tool – enables training and learning providers to map existing curriculum against competency-based standards and proficiency levels, or to develop new competency-based curriculum to specifically target training

PLEASE NOTE: The detailed CBM (Competency-based Management) materials are the Intellectual Property of Canadian Policing and are ONLY available to police services and organizations supporting them. To access these materials contact the Canadian Police Knowledge Network by email at competencies@cpkn.ca