There are over 28 tools and readings available for managers and HR practitioners to assist with employee planning and management activities.


Pre- interview Tips for Job Candidates
Constable. Interview Guide
Sergeant Interview Guide
Staff Sergeant Interview Guide
Inspector Interview Guide
Superintendent Interview Guide
Chief Superintendent Interview Guide
Deputy Commissioner Interview Guide
Commissioner Interview Guide
Reflective Practice Probes
Catalogue of Leadership Development Activities
Developmental Learning Plan for Leadership
Succession Management Roles and Responsibilities
Succession Management – Getting Started with Workforce Planning
Change Management and Communications


Types of Coaching
Coaching & Mentoring – Guidelines for a first meeting
Coaching and Mentoring – Reflective Practice Probes
Sample Training Program for Mentors
Coaching and Mentoring – Program Design Checklist
The Coaching Conversation


Competency Based Management
Constable Selection
Executive Selection
Leadership Development
Succession Management
Leadership Training & Education
Mentoring & Coaching

For more information on these and other tools available to police managers and HR practitioners, please contact the Sector Council at the e-mail address below.

PLEASE NOTE: The detailed CBM (Competency-based Management) materials are the Intellectual Property of Canadian Policing and are ONLY available to police services and organizations supporting them. To access these materials contact the Canadian Police Knowledge Network by email at