Task Lists

Task lists identify the key tasks performed by police personnel in each role.

A comprehensive analysis of each role was conducted to collect objective and verifiable information about the tasks police perform.

A variety of methods were used including a review of documentation provided by police services, interviews with subject matter experts, regional focus groups and online surveys. Participants included representatives of police services across Canada.

The Council has captured and validated the 33 most common policing roles under 3 broad categories

general duty

Each role is defined by a task list which is comprised of the key tasks and sub-tasks that define the work for that particular role.

For more information on the workstreams and the complete task lists for each role please contact the Council at the e-mail address in the box below.

PLEASE NOTE: The detailed CBM (Competency-based Management) materials are the Intellectual Property of Canadian Policing and are ONLY available to police services and organizations supporting them. To access these materials contact the Canadian Police Knowledge Network by email at competencies@cpkn.ca